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Hello and welcome to the Mutio website. Here you can find info, pics, art and other fans who love the character Mutio from the anime Blue Submarine No.6

Bio: Mutio

Mutio (ミューティオ Japanese) is a character introduced in the 1998 four episode anime series Blue Submarine No. 6. Mutio is the name of a red-eyed genetically engineered water creature. Originally Mutio was designed to attack the "Blue Fleet" of submarines in the series but is shot by the character submarine pilot, Tetsu Hayami and crashes onto a sandy shore. In the first episode, Tetsu comes across Mutio's body and believes her to be dead or severely wounded. Tetsu picks her up (after she bites him) and slides her into the water, saving her life. Later on in the next two episodes Mutio repays the favor by saving Tetsu when his craft is destroyed. We realize there are other creatures exactly like Mutio who are all alike, with the exception of having blue eyes. It is also revealed that the water creatures all follow and obey another creature named Verg. At the end of the series it is revealed that Mutio and her kind are mutants created by the Zorndyke, that were once human.



Hair: Grey
Eyes: Red
Head: Black diamond, red eyebrow outline, red "V" outline
Body: Yellow and White
Arms: Black
Chest: Pink "wings"
Nails: Bright Fuschia
Feet: Black
Back: Black stripe
Fins: Clear-Light Grey



Is there a name for Mutio's people?
No, there is no "official" name that I know of for the underwater species that Mutio is a part of.

Are there any males in Mutio's race?
Yes. When Katsuma Nonaka is turned into a water creature by Zorndyke, he is considered to be a male underwater creature.

Were the underwater creatures humans before?
Yes. The mad scientist Zorndyke created a process to mutate humans into the creatures.

Why are Mutio's eyes red and everyone else's blue?

There is no known reason yet but I assume it is because she is different from them.

Who are the voice actors for Mutio?
Juliet Cesario was the English voice and Miki Nagasawa was the Japanese voice of Mutio. In an interview, Juliet Cesario commented, "One of my favorite roles was Mutio in Blue Submarine No. 6. She's a strange, mutant cat-fish sort of a girl who doesn't talk much. But it was one of the most challenging voice acting jobs I've had. It's hard to express your characters' emotions without words, only sounds. I loved it." Also, in the Japanese version, Junko Mashina voiced the blue-eyed underwater creatures.

Why do people like Mutio?

I am guessing that it is because of her sweet nature and really cool, unique character design that people like her.

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